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Hard X-Ray Free Electron Laser Beamline3 - XFEL

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XFEL beamline

XFEL Overview

An X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL) is being constructed at the SPring-8 campus in Japan. This is a new X-ray source distinguished by the high-brightness, high coherence and short pulse of the light that is generated. It has the capacity for five beamlines, the first to be built being beamline 3 which is in the hard X-ray region. Toyama has been involved in supplying much equipment to XFEL including the whole of the first experimental beamline.

XFEL beamline

Experimental beamline 3 at XFEL

The main components of the beamline are the mirror systems with three mirrors working in pairs to achieve different incident angles, the double crystal monochromator, and beam handling and monitoring systems. All have been specially designed by Toyama to work in this new area of XFEL.

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