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Front Ends for MAX IV 3 GeV storage ring

Three Front Ends for the 3 GeV storage ring at MAX IV were delivered in September 2017.

Experimental Chambers for European XFEL

EU XFEL big chamber


Experimental chambers for the HED and FFT chamber for SCS experiments at the European XFEL were installed in May 2017. The picture shows the large chamber for HED during assembly in the factory.

MAX IV BLOCH Beamline monochromator and exit slits

A soft x-ray monochromator and two gas filter exit slits were installed on the BLOCH beamline at MAX IV in December 2016

SwissFEL KB Mirror Systems

Two KB Mirror Systems were installed on the ARAMIS beamline at SwissFEL in November 2016.

ISS and ISR Beamlines at NSLS-II

EU XFEL big chamber


In May 2016 Toyama completed the installation of two beamlines, ISS and ISR, at NSLS-II at the Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island, New York. The picture shows the large mirror chamber for the ISS beamline in the factory.

MAX IV Monochromators and Front Ends

Soft x-ray monochromators and exit slits were installed on the HIPPIE and VERITAS beamlines at MAX IV in February 2016.

MAX IV Frontend


Six Front Ends for the 1.5 GeV storage ring were also supplied in February 2016

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