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The Toyama Monozukuri Center is now Open

The new factory was opened on schedule on 10th April 2015 having taken about 12 months to build. The opening ceremony was attended by some 400 guests including many eminent scientists and industrial leaders. The event was concluded with the traditional Japanese ceremony of "Kagami-Biraki" in which the lid of the barrel of sake is broken open and the contents served to the guests.

New factory

Special guests join Joe Endo in the Kagami-Biake ceremony

Toyama's New Factory nears completion

Toyama's new factory, which will open in April 2015, is now nearly. For more information including first views of the inside of the machine shop and test areas, video, location, ecology and tree planting - See here.

New factory

The auditorium entrance of the new factory with the astronomical dome also visible.

Installation at CSX beamline at NSLS II

Installation at CSX

CSX beamline team with Toyama engineers

Toyama successfully installed the first "Contractor installed" component, a mirror system, of the CSX beamline at NSLS II in June 2013. It is also one of the first components to be installed on any of the beamlines at NSLS II in Brookhaven National Laboratory. The picture shows the beamline team with the Toyama installation engineers.

Installation of IVMMS

Toyama engineers assembling IVMMS



Installation of IVMMS at NSLS II

Installation of In-Vacuum Undulator Measuring Machine for the Insertion Device group of NSLS II. The IVMMS has been specially designed to measure the magnetic field of in-vacuum cryogenic undulators.

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