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Real Time Multi-component Time-of-flight Mass Spectromter RTM-TOF-MS

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System diagram

Sample gas is multi-photon ionised by UV laser and detected by TOF-MS

Analytical capabilityDetection sensitivity
(per sec S/N=3)
Toluene: less than tens of ppb
Naphthalene: less than 1 ppb
Mass resolution400 ~ (Half value width m=120)
Composition of the systemTOF-Mass spectrometry systemVacuum pump Roughing:Rotary pump
Vacuum pump Main:1200l/s x2, 800l/s x1, 50l/s x1
Differential pumping accelerating electrode (Patent pending)
Mass gate
Daly detector
Ionisation systemSource Nd-YAG laser with 4HG crystal
266nm fixed wavelength
Nd-YAG: 100Hz 400µJ(4HG)
Data processing systemPre amplifier
Windows application (for measurement and analysis)
System utilityDimensionW1400xD800xH1400 mm
Weight500kg (Including laser source system)
Electric consumption2kW (Maximum)
OptionDye laser system (for selective analysis)

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