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EUV Lithography

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XFEL beamline

High capacity chamber during production
(Ø2500mm × t4000mm, made from SUS)

This system is used to evaluate the performance of reduced projection optical system for actual EUVL under exposing extreme ultraviolet (EUV=13.5 nm) ray.

TOYAMA cooperated in designing and manufacturing of the main unit including the vacuum chamber, the reticle, the wafer stage mechanism and the illumination optics. We made full use of our diverse range of designing and manufacturing technologies for UHV compatible, high accuracy moving mechanism and large vacuum chambers.

In addition to this, in the field of research and development of EUVL associated technology, we are engaging in constructing systems for research and development and test models in various fields, development of light sources, measurement of contamination and constructing deposition systems for making mirrors.

XFEL beamline

High capacity chamber

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XFEL beamline

EUV system

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