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BOREAS Beamline

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Whole Beamline

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Beamline Characteristics

Photon Energy Range80 to >3000eV
Calculated flux at the sample (at a resolving power of 5000)2x1013 photons/s @ 150eV
8x1012 photons/s @ 700eV
5x1012 photons/s @ 1500eV
2x1012 photons/s @ 2000eV
4x1010 photons/s @ 3000eV
5x109 photons/s @ 4000eV
Maximum resolving power15000 for 80 eV < E < 1500 eV
5000 for E > 1500 eV
Beam size at the sampleVariable between a minimum of 100(H)x20(V) micron2 and > 1x1 mm2


Component Specification

ComponentApproximate position from sourceChamber sizes
PM/TM mirror chamberPM pole: 18.425m, TM pole: 19m1350(L)x400(W)x360(H)
Water cooled 4WS and beam diagnosticsvert slit: 19.51m, horiz slit: 19.56m, fluorescent screen: 19.7m430(L)x150(φ)
Pumping chamber with water cooled W beam conditioningW conditioning: 21.0m350(H)x150(φ)
Beam diagnostics22.7m250(H)x100(φ)
Entrance slithorizantal: 22.9m
vertical: 23.6m
SM chamber (Monochromator)SM2 pole: 26.9m, SM1: 27.6m1370(L)x450(φ)
Grating chambergrating pole: 28.1m1400(W)x730(φ)
Water cooled 4WSvert slit: 29.41m, horiz: 29.46m500(L)x150(φ)
Exit slithorizantal: 31.1m, screen: 31.35m
vertical: 33.1m


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