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Soft X-ray Diffractometer for BL 17 at SPring-8

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Double Rotation Stage

Rotation accuracy0.05 degree
Repeatability0.01 degree
Central accuracy20 micron
Strokeθ stage: -100° ~ +190°
2θ stage: -80° ~ +260°
Resolutionθ stage: 0.00002°/step
2θ stage: 0.00002°/step

Gap between the centers of θ and 2θ stages to be less than 30 micron (target value)


Polarisation Analyser System

dsu-dsd stagedsu: ±25mm, 0.0001mm/step
dsd: ±25mm, 0.0001mm/step
eta stage eta: ±190°, 0.0036°/step
ttp-thp stage ttp: -45° ~ +235°, 0.003°/step
thp: ±190°, 0.003°/step
py-pz stage py: ±15mm, 0.002mm/step
p5: ±5mm, 0.002mm/step

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