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Total Reflection X-ray focusing mirror drive FMP-1000A series

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Specifications (Standard type FMP-1000A)

Mirror holderAdoptive mirror size100W x 50t x 1000L (mm)Effective illuminated areaabout 800L (mm)
Mirror Bender
(5-phase stepping motor driven
with home position and limit switches)
Maximum Torque loaded (bending moment)max (147N.m)
equal on each side
Equivalent about 500m radius in the case of standard mirror made of SiO2
Adjustable range±20mmResolution0.125µm/pulse
Position measuring deviceResolution 0.1mm (by potentiometer)
Mirror positioning stages
(5-phase stepping motor driven
with home position and limit switches)
θx *about ±1.2°* by displacement of Z1 and Z2 axes
θz **about ±1.2°** by displacement of X1 and X2 axes
Vacuum chamberMaterialsChamber bodySUS304
Main flangeA5052P
Flanges (vacuum seal)Incoming and outgoing portsJIS (VG/VF) 100-R (O-ring)
Main flangeO-ring
Port for vacuum pumpICF152 x 1
View portsJIS100 x 3 (lead glass)
Other service portsICF070 x 4
Ultimate vacuum pressure10-8 Torr or less (depending on pumping capacity of the system)
Control systemStepping motor controllerPMC-16A manufactured by Toyama


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