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XYZ Manipulator TMZ Series

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Pressure Range <1.3x10-11 Pa m3/sec
(1x10-10 Torr L/sec)
Vacuum sealing methodBellows type
Allowable heating temperature200 °C
X,Y axis parallel distanceBoth X,Y axis ± 12.5mm
Z axis travel50mm150mm
Repeat accuracyX,Y,Z axis all <0.01mm
Tilt featureNoYes 7°NoYes 4.5°
Introduction portICF034FT x 5
Weight (g)9.510.510.511.5

* Other non-standard types can be supplied on request
** "FH" means a drilled hole type ICF flange and "FT" means a tapped hole type ICF flange.

XYZ manipulator

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