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X-ray Lithography System - Indus-100D

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X-ray scanner

X-ray scanner system 3D model



The X-ray scanner system is made up of a vacuum chamber on a support frame, which connects to the beamline through connecting bellows. In the picture on the right the vacuum chamber is shown transparent, outlined in blue. The scanning stage is mounted inside the vacuum chamber with the mask and substrate assembly and the rotation and tilt module.

The support frame carries the whole load of the scanner system and is highly mechanically stable. Manual screw jacks allow a vertical movement range of ±25mm to adjust to changes in beam height.


Vacuum chamber specification

Ultimate pressure1x10-2mbar
Leak rate1x10-9mbar l/s
Pressure when He-gas filled100mbar
Pitch and roll adjustment (relative to beam direction)0.1mrad over ±1 degree (coarse and fine adjustments provided)
Aperture to limit mask and substrate exposure4 way Tungsten blades backed with OFC block
Horizontal blades range±50mm - accuracy <±0.1mm
Vertical blades range±50mm - accuracy <±0.1mm
Blade coolingWater cooled

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