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X-ray Lithography System - Indus-100D

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X-ray Scanning Stage

The scanning stage holds the mask and substrate chuck assemblies and the tilt and rotation module.

MovementVertical (y-axis) direction
Exposure travel range±90mm (total 180mm)
Scan speed1 to 30mm/s
Uniformity of speed≤1%
Speed modeConstant for the scan spped range
Scan accelerationMax 600mm/s2
Resting time at rerurn points0.1s
Axial run out≤±0.1mrad at any point on max travel range
Monitoring deviceOptical CCD camera to monitor vertical scanning


Mask and Substrate Chuck Assemblies

The substrate chuck assembly is part of the scanning stage. It allows easy mounting of the mask and substrate and holds the mask and substrate perpendicular to the beam during the exposure.

Mask cross sectionCircular - diameter 100mm
Square - 100x100mm
Substrate cross sectionCircular - diameter 100mm
Square - 100x100mm
resist thickness5 to 5000µm
Gap adjustment between mask and substrateCombination of aluminium spacers (50µm to 1000µm and kapton film (25µm to 125µm)
Mask holderMagnetic clamp
Substrate holderMagnetic clamp
Mask and substrate coolingWater cooling


Tilt and Rotation Module

Tilt angle relative to beam-2 to 90°(x-axis rotation)
90° is parallel to the beam direction and is the angle at which the mask and substrate chuck assemblies are mounted onto the scanner stage
Tilt angle accuray≤0.5°
Mechanical locking mechanismProvided for zero degree or normal incident
Rotation around the axis of mask and substrate stage±180° (z-axis parallel to beam)
Rotation angle accuracy≤0.5°

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